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Jon's work ethic and attention to detail are more than obvious when you view his historic home in Simsbury, CT. He has amassed a rare collection of 18th Century gristmill stones and stone sinks, which are integrated in his home and landscape. He surrounds himself with things that have stood the test of time, such as his antique car collection and his collection of period antique furniture.

About Stone Masters Masonry:

Stone Masters Masonry was founded in 1985 by Jonathan Hoffnagle, an accomplished stone mason with over 25 years of experience. The company is based in Simsbury, CT and specializes in custom stone and brick work throughout the Northeast.

Having earned a solid reputation for delivering functional artistry, StoneMasters Masonry caters to the most discriminating homeowners, builders, architects and landscapers- both commercial and residential.

With each project, Jon and his crew seek to extend beyond the boundaries of conventional masonry to create something truly beautiful and unique. Whether designing a patio, walkway, fireplace or stone wall, Jon works closely with the client to understand how he can impart who they are into their environment.

Many contractors and landscapers offer stonework services; however, the finished product is often an installation as opposed to a creation. Any project undertaken by StoneMasters Masonry reflects Jon Hoffnagle's creativity and meticulous attention to balance and detail - the result is pure mastery.