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StoneMasters Masonry Frequently Asked Questions:


Can you create a fireplace that will be the focal point of my new home - something awe-inspiring?

Answer: All of our work is unique, and yes, we specialize and take pride in creating works of art in stone that cannot be replicated.


I have a brick fireplace in my home that I do not like - can this be converted to stone?

Answer: In most situations, we can remove the brick and replace it with a more attractive stone veneer.


Can you look at a picture from a magazine and match the design?

Answer: Yes, in most instances I can. The biggest issue is availability of stone, which can change yearly. Luckily, I have long-standing relationships with many stone suppliers throughout the Northeast.



Would a bluestone patio be hotter than a patio constructed with another material such as granite or brick?

Answer: Bluestone tends to be a bit warmer. However, come evening or the Fall, the heat retention is a welcome characteristic.


Question: Is bluestone more slippery in the winter?

Answer: No. Ice is ice.


Question: Do you install interlocking concrete bricks and retaining wall units?

Answer: I could go on at length about this subject, but I will try to be brief. When I think interlocking concrete pavers and wall units, I think commercial applications. With the availability of beautiful and authentic clay pavers and an abundance of wall stone and granites, I would never recommend the use of man made concrete anything for a residential job. The concrete product simply lacks dimension and warmth.


Question: Will weeds grow between the stones of my walkway or patio?

Answer: Weeds will not grow up from under the stones; however, some superficial growth could occur due to pollination, birds, etc. This is easily prevented by an application of weed killer early in the season.


Question: Will frost heaves occur?

Answer: There is always the possibility of frost heaves. However, their potential can be greatly minimized with proper drainage and base materials.


Question: I like the look of moss and lichen on stone. Can you assure that this effect will occur?

Answer: Given the right environmental conditions, you can apply a solution of Miracle Grow and buttermilk, which will help promote the growth of moss and lichen (and it will also attract the neighbor’s cat).


Question: I consider the outside of my home to be an extension of the inside. I spent years decorating the inside of my home to achieve the look I was after. How can I be assured that the same degree of care and attention will be given to the outside?

Answer: I only work to my high standards. Anything less won’t do. With the bar set so high, I can absolutely assure you that the quality of our work will exceed your expectations. This is why I have a small, dedicated crew with the same vision in mind.


Question: I have a stone wall on my property that has fallen into disrepair (that is, it’s leaning over/bulging out). Can you repair it?

Answer: It is likely that the reason your wall is losing its structural integrity is because of excessive water pressure. In order to fix it we would have to first tear down the bad sections; then rebuild the wall, using the correct batter and backfill to facilitate proper drainage.


Question: What happens if chipmunks take up residence in my stone wall – will they jeopardize the construct of the wall?

Answer: In all my years, I have never seen a chipmunk carrying away a stone.


Question: Is StoneMasters Masonry licensed with the State of Connecticut?

Answer: Yes. I’ve held a CT Home Improvement Contractor’s License since 1985 (License No. 538164).


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